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There’s a festival in town! But why anyway?
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There’s a festival in town! But why anyway?

(text for another Antifee Festival in the past)
We are living in a society that is shaped by patriarchy and nationalism and that is pervaded by mechanisms of exclusion. Sexism, nationalism and other discriminatory structures provide permanent violence and disadvantage and therefore hinder the free development of the individual. So far, so bad.

Letting the matter rest with this diagnosis, however, is not enough. – We are determined to attempt to confront this social reality with a resistant social practice. Antifee Festival represents one such attempt.

One issue is also pointing out that music cannot be regarded as independent from societal constraints, and is therefore never unpolitical. Like in many other social and cultural fields, racist, nationalist and sexist discourse patterns abound in music scenes. Women are still underrepresented within pop culture and band membership often reflects patriarchal role stereotypes. We are aware of this inequality and we are trying to work against it by supporting a strong presence of female and queer artists on the Antifee stage.

Also regarding organisational issues, we are constantly attempting to establish structures based on equality. Therefore we emphasize the reduction of (stereo)typical assignments of duties during the festival itself as well as behind the scences.

The location of Antifee Festival is no coincidence either. The university campus is a central space for thousands of students, which, however, has increasingly been depoliticized over the course of the last years. Our goal is to intervene in this very normality. Neither the racist and transphobic assaults on campus within the last months, nor the vandalism against an exhibition about the German concentration camp ‚Mittelbau-Dora‘ are unfortunate single incidents* but must instead be understood as inherently linked to the structure of this society of ours. This is but one reason why a continuous struggle against domination and discrimination is still indispensable.

It is our goal to establish and support political culture on campus. Yet, the festival is supposed to not only speak to students but to everyone interested in it.

We are hoping to also reach people who normally rarely look into the political issues represented by Antifee Festival. This is even more important because of the fact that critical seminars and contents have been erased more and more from school and university curriculums over the course of the last years. Therefore, Antifee Festival offers the opportunity to discuss political and social issues in a wide variety of workshops offered during the festival weekend. There, interest in the creation of a society of free and equal individuals can be sparked and strategies can be discussed. In this way, the festival makes a small contribution to the struggle against social inequalities.

Antifee Festival attempts to provide a space, where nobody is restrained or excluded by structural or personal relations of power or domination. That is why the whole festival is brought to you free of charge, and food and drinks are sold as inexpensive as possible. This is our way of trying to assure that nobody will be prevented from attending our festival because of his or her financial situation.

We are aware, however, that all attempts to push back oppression and relations of power will unfortunately necessarily fall short. The f*cking bullshit engrained in all of society does not allow for the construction of a space entirely liberated from domination and oppression. Therefore, we are unfortunately unable to guarantee that no forms of oppression will find expression during Antifee Festival. However, we will do our utmost to create an inclusive atmosphere that allows for no room for discriminatory statements or actions.

One means of confronting power relations and oppression is the festival’s antisexist practice. Your power of definition is in effect during the course of the festival. This means: You have the power to define your boundaries. Having a good time? Sure! But whoever transgresses the boundaries of another person will have to leave! Equally, anyone expressing his or her nationalist sentiments by wearing national symbols as well as anyone behaving in a racist, antisemitic, sexist, homo- or transphobic manner, will have to leave the festival!

Enabling everyone to have a good time during the festival is what it all comes down to. This, however, will only be possible if everyone gets involved and supports the festival`s agenda. We, as members of the organizing group, can only try to lay a foundation and create a framework. But in the end, all of us together are what makes Antifee Festival. Only under this precondition, Antifee Festival 2010 can become a success that is measured not only by mere numbers of attendance.

On this note: Take back your life! Let`s jam nationalism!

* Footnote: In October 2009, a transgendered person was verbally abused and threatened („people like you are often found lying dead in the streets“) on campus.

Only a few weeks a later, a student was assaulted by four men on the university`s parking lot. Because she was wearing a headscarf, the men insulted her using racist slurs, pushed her to the ground and kicked her in the back after she had fallen down. Both of these incidents occurred in broad daylight.

In April 2010, an exhibit about the German concentration camp ‚Mittelbau-Dora‘ displayed in the university library was vandalized: Pictures portraying inmates of the concentration camp were destroyed and racist comments were scribbled into the guest book of the exhibit. As a result, the exhibit was discontinued.

Bands & Lineup

You can find a schedule of what`s happening on stage here.


A wide variety of workshops and film screenings will be offered during the Festival. Nearly all of which, however, will be held in German. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide professional tanslations for these events but please don`t hesitate to ask other paticipants if they might be able to translate for you.

A list of the workshops can be found here.


Antifee Festival takes place on the campus of Göttingen University. You will find the stage between the ‚Blauer Turm‘ building (the large blue-windowed, tower-like building overlooking the main campus) and the street ‚Kreuzbergring‘. The tents where workshops will be held are also located in this area.

How to get here

By train: The Festival is only a 10 minute walk from Göttingen’s train station. Just follow the roadsigns leading you to the campus.

By bus (coming from the train station): Bus Line No. 12, direction „Holtenser Berg“, drives to bus stop „Blauer Turm“ every 30 minutes, at :03 and :33. The trip takes about 5 minutes. (for further information see: http://www.goevb.de/)

By car: Exit Autobahn A7 at the ‚Göttingen Nord‘ exit. Then follow the distributor road up to the big intersection with the traffic lights. Take a right onto ‚Hannoversche Straße‘ and follow the street for about 2km, then take a left into ‚Kreuzbergring`. At the next intersection take a right into ‚Goßlerstraße‘. You will find a parking garage there (it`s free on weekends). From there it’s just a 2 minute walk to the campus.

Staying overnight

Unfortunately, we cannot provide spaces for camping on the festival grounds, but you can try to find a couch via couchsurfing or stay at Göttingen’s youth hostel. Otherwise do not hesitate to ask at the infopoint during the festival for some other solution. Or you can mail to pennen [at] antifee.de (exchange [at] with @) where we try to provide places to sleep.

Food and Drinks

Vegan food as well as drinks and beverages will be available at low prices throughout the festival.


The Festival is completely free of charge. Therefore, there are no tickets!